We at Galactica aim at providing tailor-made applications and softwares to suit every clients' individual requirements. We have resolved to make technology accessible to each and every segment of society without compromising the quality convenience and expenditure. We target to change the common view of people that technology brings complications and endure extra cost to their business whatsoever it be. We are working towards bringing technology within the reach all class of people and all range of business whether it be a small shop, a showroom, a workshop, food junctions and many more. The list is long. You name it, we have it. We use technology to make our client's business well organised, well recorded, well planned and well maintained. Moreover we make it easier for them to take up huge tasks within minimum time and expense with remarkable accuracy. We also keep apolicy to provide our clients with applications and softwares only after they are fully satisfied with the sample product developed by our technical team.


Galactica is a team of young entrepreneurs from different walks of life with experience and knowledge one can count upon. We have a practical and simplified approach towards meeting our client's requirements. Our team is continuously working at improving the standard of customer satisfaction and technical support even after delivering the required assignment. We believe in long term relationship with customers based on quality, deliverance, punctuality, trust and after-sale support.

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